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Sequoia Consulting Group was founded to serve the public sector -- at the state and local levels -- with honesty, integrity, and commitment, while providing services that are client-driven, high quality, and value-added. Sequoia is committed to listening to the needs of our clients and developing individual solutions that improve and streamline operations.
Company Values

  • Honesty - Sequoia Consulting Group places the highest value on truth. We know the importance of dealing honestly with our clients. Public agencies are held to high standards of truthfulness and honesty. Sequoia is committed to meet those same standards in its relationships with our business partners.

  • Integrity - Sequoia Consulting Group will conduct its business to the highest ethical and moral standards. We will not put profit ahead of the best interest of our clients.

  • Commitment - Sequoia Consulting Group is committed to mutually beneficial business partnerships with its clients. We know that our future is tied to the success of our business partners and we will work to ensure that the relationship is to the benefit of both our client and our company.

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